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Crushed stone, including limestone, dolomite, marble, granite, sandstone, and quartzite, contributes to a thriving mineral industry in the state. Stone, along with sand, gravel, and clay, makes up a multi-million dollar nonfuel minerals industry in Alabama. In 2007, the value of these produced minerals was $1.34 billion. Approximately 9.1 metric tons of nonfuel minerals are required every year for every person in the United States to maintain the current standard of living. Materials mined in Alabama such as bauxite, chalk, recovered sulfur, salt, and shale are used extensively in both construction and industry. Alabama exports a significant part of its industrial mineral production of crushed stone and sand and gravel. Alabama ranks 16th nationally as a nonfuel minerals producer. The Geological Survey maps the distribution of these valuable resources and reports annual production and utilization figures. To view a summary of the minerals industry in Alabama for 2007, click here.  Printed copies of this report can be obtained from the Publications Sales Office. Contact Dan Irvin at 205/247-3542 or dirvin@gsa.state.al.us for details on Alabama mineral maps and reports.