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Limited Edition-DVD Water Project

Available for Free

Digital Watershed Information for the Locust and Mulberry Forks of the Black Warrior River System (Open-File Report 0618)
A limited number of DVD copies of OFR 0618 are available. This DVD project was developed in conjunction with the State Wildlife Grants Program of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and is being offered free to the public. It is available at no cost if picked up from the Publications Sales office or at a cost of $2.00 to cover the cost of postage and handling if mailed. Requests should be mailed along with $2.00 remittance, made payable to GSA-Map Fund, to
Geological Survey of Alabama
Publications Sales Office
P.O. Box 869999
Tuscaloosa, AL  35486-6999
Telephone: 205/247-3636


Hydrogeology Contacts

Marlon Cook



One of the most important responsibilities of the Geological Survey of Alabama is to perform research that increases our knowledge of the waters of the state. The Hydrogeology Group investigates the occurrence, availability, and quality of the state's waters by employing hydrologic and geologic expertise for the development and protection of this irreplaceable resource. The Hydrogeology Group works in cooperation with other state and federal agencies, local governments and water systems, industry, educational institutions, and citizens to address Alabama's water issues. Knowledge gained from this research is available to the public through publications, open-file reports, databases, and requests for information directed to the Hydrogeology Group.

Aquifer Map of Alabama